Garden Solutions

One of the major problems of organic gardening is what do when problems arise. The best way to deal with them is to prevent them, but of course this isn't always possible. However they continue to come out with new products to try and combat the garden problems of the day. Here is a small sample of the products that we carry and their uses.

Item Uses
Diatomaceous Earth Great for killing crawling insects, snails, and slugs. Put around the plants you are trying to protect.
Monterey Weed Killer Alternative to Round Up. Great for spot killing weeds. Really Works!
Milky Spore The spores build up in your soil and kills grubs, which then prevents them from becoming the dreaded Japanese Beetles. Very underused product.
All Seasons Spray Oil Excellent product for killing dormant insects during cooler months. Smothers them while they hibernate, preventing spring and summer damage.
Sulfur & Copper Sprays All purpose fungicide. Good for preventing and treating a great many fungi.
Insecticidal Soap Good for killing aphids and white flies on indoor plants.
Marigolds (plants!) Great for keeping insects away. The marigold smell is a great repellent!
Serenade An organic fungicide that works great. The only thing that works for the tomato blight that struck a few years back.
Mosquito Dunks A biological control to stop mosquito larvae from becoming mosquitos.
Corn Gluten A fertilizer and pre-emergent. It's effectiveness builds as the amount of gluten builds up in the soil. An alternative to weed preventers.
St. Gabriels Burn Out 2 Alternative to Round Up and other chemical weed killers. All organic and really works!
Beneficial Insects! Don't spray, use bugs to take care of your dirty business!