From early March until late November we carry annuals in flats, small pots, and hanging baskets. Early season annuals include pansies, snapdragons, stock, geraniums and some others that can handle the cool spring nights. Summer is full of everything from this list below. Fall season brings cabbage, kale, and a huge supply of mums. Check out our Deer Resistant Plants page for a list of what the deer don't like in our area.

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Specialty Annuals, Hanging Baskets, and large planters
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Geraniums & Hanging Baskets
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Combination Hanging Basket
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Petunias & Hanging Baskets
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Beautiful Combination Coco Basket
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Ageratum Alyssum Amaranthus Aster
Bachelor's Button Bacopa Begonia Rex Begonia Tubrus
Begonia Wax Bidens Bachycome Caladium
Calendula Calibrachoa Celosia Chrysanthemum
Cleome Coleus Cordyline Cosmos
Dahlia Diamond Frost Dianthus Diascia
Dracaena Dragon Wing Begonias Dusty Miller Euphorbia
Flowering Vinca Forget-Me-Not Fuschia Gazania
Geranium Heliotrope Impatiens Lantana
Larkspur Licorice Lobelia Marigolds
Melampodium Mimulus Morning Glory Nasturtium
Nemesia Nicotiana Osteospermum Pansy
Petunia Plectranthus Portulaca Salvia
Scaevola Snapdragons Stock Strawflower
Sweet Potato Vine Thunbergia Torenia Verbena